Special Offer!

14 Feb 2017

A Beer Sommelier lushes the cheap beer from Lidl and Aldi

'Excelsior' - €0.75 at Lidl

Champigneulles Brewery - Neckarsulm,

Germany Pale Lager - 3.9%,


A knight with a sword is always cool but the can looks like Carling. I glug straight from can so don't know what colour it is. Safe to say yellowish. I expect it to be shite but it's not bad although it does have that aluminium can taste ya get off say Dutch gold. Pure gack. 75 cent though! Ten of these for €7.50 down the canal before headin out?

'Lager' - €0.98 at Dunnes 

Belgium somewhere?

Lager - 4%,


Can ya imagine the board meeting? What'll we call it? Lager? Perfect. Next? JESUS THEY JUST CALLED IT LAGER! It pours boring, smells normal, tastes bland. The finish is aluminium. This is shite. Cheap though..

'Tatra' - €1.49 at Lidl

Zywiec Breweries PLC (Heineken) - Zywiec, 

Poland Pale Ale - 6%, 


Is that Hollywood actor Dylan McDermott dressed as Indiana Jones on the can? I hope so! Had to buy this! 6% at €1.69? Perfect catch up can when arriving late to canal cans. Crisp! Sweet malt! Quaff! Tastes like a 4% lager!

'Galahad Export' - €0.75 at Aldi

Saint-Omer Brewery - Atherstone, 

England Pale Lager -  4%, 


Another shit looking can and what's with the Knights? Pours a light straw. Grand on the nose. I imbibe. Sweet enough? Slight hop finish. This might not be the holy grail Sir Galahad but for 75 cent? I'd tayshte away on another few no hassle.

'O'Shea's Spiced Winter Ale' - €1.89 at Aldi

O'Hara's Brewery - Carlow, 

Ireland Spice/Herb/Vegetable - 4.3%,


It's spring but it's winter. It's always winter..This is apt on this cold dark night. Pours a sexy velvet red. A sneaky seduction of cinnamon on the nose. Sweet with maybe vanilla as I taste? Dry tangy finish takes the sexiness down a peg. Kinda like ya got the shift but she was a heavy smoker. 

'Eichbaum' - €3:50 at Dunnes 

Eichbaum Brewery  - Mannheim, 

Germany Pale Lager - 5.5%,


Ha! The size of it! It's hilarious, I feel like a borrower! 950ml! 2 cans in 1! Is there a benefit in that?
It pours a light straw, and it tastes, well, like lager. A well rounded lager though with a nice sweetness and just the right hop zing at the finish. Impress your friends down the park by busting out one of these bruisers!