Down The Arch

14 Feb 2017

Once a year, Galway town('the capital of culture') hands itself over to 'The Races' - an annual celebration of horses, hats and heineken-fuelled horror. Think 'Black Beauty meets The Walking dead. With fascinators'

It brings like a billion euro to the town so sensible folk throw on a pair of blinders and a gag bit. And so the kids go buck wild. 

We sent a one of our mates down to Galway with a bag of cans and a camera. 

''With 'The Races' serving as a justification for Galway’s adult population to get dressed up, get mashed and lose money on ill-conceived bets, the ensuing chaos provides Galway's almost-adult population to engage in some debauchery of their own.

Behind their naggins and underneath their dad’s suits, despite all their machismo there's still a bit of insecurity and the desire for belonging that is inherent in all of us as we grow up and try to figure out who the fuck we are.

No amount of buckfast could hide it''.

- George Voronov.

Photography + Words: